Let's CatCH the Virtual SocIAL buG

We are all social animals, we love to discuss, fuss, smile, frown, eat, and learn. These characteristics are the ingredients that contribute to our connections that build PIE community. And so, PEACE through PIE is challenging you to be creative about it while respecting our communities and loved ones during this Coronavirus epidemic. Thanks to technology, there are a myriad of virtual ways to connect. So let's look beyond our preconception of a get-together and find ways to channel the main purpose behind a PTIE social--to spread the love and build community. Consider during these times, a PEACE through PIE socials could instead look like baking your favorite dish and dropping off sample portions to each other's homes, then INVITE everyone to come together virtually through (tech platform i.e, google hangout or Zoom.

In fact, we are reposition our Night of PIE 2020 Fundraiser (originally slated as an outside/indoor event on April 21, 2020) to an interactive virtual event. We are looking to pull it off and making this new creation an enriching experience for everyone. On the upside, we will end up with a product and way of connecting that will live well beyond our original concept, of the one-day event.

If you are interested in being in the loop as dates, times, and details come to light send us an email at If you want to support our efforts through donation, click here. If you have interest in sponsorships, advertisements and want to contribute as a participating bakery/restaurant send us an email at so we can discuss.

Note We encourage you to submit your event on our calendar (if it meets with our mission) by clicking the SUBIT YOUR EVENT link below, If you have an idea that isn't fully formulated, click the PIE365 IDEAS link below. Thank you for your interest, and enjoy being social.

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