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An organically grown peace movement creating a culture of peace

Our Community

Peace through PIE works with schools and community partners - organizations, faith groups, and businesses - to create Welcome Spaces and develop experiences that promote peacemaking practices.

The MLKyWay

Core peacemaking values serve as our North Star. These fundamental human values guide us and help us to cultivate Peace of Mind. We call this path the MLKyWay, inspired by Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. whose January Holiday sparked our grassroots peace movement.

Our Impact

Since 2009, more than 50,000 people in Austin and across the country have been part of our growing PIE 365 programs (PIE Socials, PIE Circles and Peace PIE) in homes, schools, businesses, communities and faith groups. Join us to create a new legacy of peace!


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PEACE through PIE is about finding ways to connect with one another, and to the commitment that we are stronger together. Our mission is to cultivate the values, skills and experiences of peacemaking that our entire world is hungry for.

Our Recipe for Peace is built on firm footing. We go beyond the surface of “kumbaya” and wishful thinking by actively partnering with the rest of the PIE (Peace Included Everyone) - schools, faith groups, businesses, and community organizations - to create programs and experiences that build and support a peacemaking culture.

A 21st century culture of peace is focused on bringing people together. It’s a culture that honors the dignity of each human being, grounded in core values of empathy, civility, and respect.

We are all hungry for a healthier choice. Right now, the world is feeling the impact of a destructive cultural divide. Families, schools, and all communities are experiencing rising rates of physical and mental harm, from depression and abusive behaviors to school shootings and suicide.

The challenge is to shift the culture of divide into a culture of peace. We have an opportunity to support each other, rather than tear each other down. It is important for everyone to be valued, supported, and connected. Let’s work together to be part of a Recipe for Peace. Because we are stronger together and Peace Includes Everyone.


People, Peace of Mind, and Peace PIE are the 3 Pillars of Peacemaking and the key ingredients in our Recipe for Peace. Our goal is to create Welcome Spaces that nourish us and make us Whole.

Our Recipe for Peace starts by cultivating peacemaking values that build problem solving skills and positive relationships. Those values become our guide, our North Star to Peace, and then continue by bringing us together to stir up a hearty supply of Peace of Mind.

This all comes together with Peace PIE, which bring concepts and ideas from cultures around the word together, adding them into the mix to share with everyone and savor the experience.



Connecting through Food

The third pillar is Peace PIE. It is also the signature peace offering for our grassroots movement. As symbol of the Whole (with a heart in the middle), Peace PIE celebrates the transformative...

power of sharing food and community.

Culinary traditions have always been the anchor of community life. Food nourishes us and brings us together. Recipes from around the world introduce us to other cultures and ways of life. Savory or sweet, empanadas, samosas, fruit, veggie, nut, cream or pizza pie - any recipe can be a Peace PIE if served with that intention.


Creating PIE Mindset

Peace of Mind is the second foundational pillar. It’s the mindset at the center of peacemaking and the heart in the middle of Peace PIE. Based on empathy, self-respect and respect for others.

Peace of Mind is a life-long practice that provides a sense of balance and builds trust. We can exercise Peace of Mind for our own well-being. And to build healthy relationships with our community. The skills we learn help us understand our basic needs, develop empathy for others, and manage difficult emotions. Peace of MInd is an essential ingredient for creating Welcome Spaces.


Building Community

PEACE through PIE has three foundational pillars - the 3 P’s. People are the first. Peacemaking is the process of exploring who we are and discovering the deeper connections that...

bring us together. Each person is unique. Every culture has different traditions, beliefs, and ways of celebrating important life values. Diversity is our strength. To build an inclusive community, we can find creative solutions to difficult challenges by respecting the dignity of others and sharing our stories, skills, and resources. What we do matters. And Peace Includes Everyone.


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